08:50 AM | 01-01-2019

What does one do in extreme nose blockage and watery eyes..... So much that its difficult to breath/sleep?

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6 Answers

11:10 AM | 19-09-2018

While sleeping put in some drops of eucalyptus oil near your pillow.  Steam steam steam – that’s your best line of defence

Keep off dairy and grains completely.  Instead support your body’s action through increasing raw foods. Make sure you are taking in ample dose of fruits (alone not mixed with meals).  Our body strives to maintain an acid-alkaline balance. When acidic levels in our body is high due to incorrect food combinations, lack of proper rest and sleep, low raw foods in our diet, high levels of processed foods the body takes corrective action to expel excess toxins and acidic levels.  This is what causes nose blocks, cough colds fever etc. During this time it is imperative we support the body through correct actions one of which is increasing the raw foods.

Apart from fruits, support your body with increased raw veggies in form of vegetable juices and raw salads which can be included along with regular meals

06:06 PM | 31-12-2018

Steam steam and more steam.  In my case only that seems to work and provide releif.  It will also help in faster release of all the toxins from within.  Another effective thing I have found which works, especially for kids, is taking them outdoors in gentle sunshine esp early morning 

You may also be in need of more natural sunshine and steam. Get a steamer from medical shop or simply boil some water, put it in a patila and cover with towel to take in some steam.  Add some eculyptus oil if you can find (will get in the store too)


06:06 PM | 31-12-2018

Your body is trowing out toxins. You can help your body in this job by reducing digestive load. So eat more raw - fruits and salads for a few days. Once the emilination job is complete, ths symptoms will stop.

Usually dairy, eggs and wheat aggravate the condition. Keep off these for a few days and see if they are the triggers,

10:37 AM | 16-11-2018

Deep breathing and sunning during this time is of vital importance. Make sure you do both, early morning.

Massage some warm mustard oil tempered with garlic on chest, and nose before sleeping.

10:36 AM | 16-11-2018

Rest is of paramount importance, especially as you are not able to sleep well at night.  You could use steamer to add moisture to your room too. Keep the AC temperature not at very low, about 25 to 26 or higher is better

Rest well during the day, take in ample sun. Do a lot of steam esp before you sleep. Aroma oils definitely help. Add some drops of good quality aroma oil to your bath too, as you bathe each morning. You could keep your head elevated with 2 pillows to avoid stuffy nose.

10:34 AM | 16-11-2018

Take steam in water.  You could add eucalyptus oil for some relief. Make sure to steam atleast 3-4 times during the day and if not more atleast 2 times for sure.  Take some ajwain, roast it. Make a very small bundle in a muslin cloth and inhale it. Do it slowly because it instantly opens the nose.

Go out in the sun dedicatedly in the morning.  It will act as a natural de-congestion pill and the blockage will ease.  Do this regularly, and see the difference!

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