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10:40 AM | 17-11-2018

How to steam raw bananas? With or without peel? I use Vinod steamer.

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3 Answers

03:49 PM | 20-11-2018

Raw bananas may be steamed with peel. Once steamed then the ends may be cut and whole banana with peel may be used.

10:47 PM | 24-11-2018

It's better to steam the raw bananas with peel.  As it will help to retain the nutrient in the banana.  If you steam it without peel. There may be a loss of nutrients in the water.  

03:50 PM | 20-11-2018

The easiest way is to chop the raw bananas into round slices and steam with the skin. Once cooked, the skin can be peeled easily.

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