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02:19 PM | 24-11-2018

Is there a healthy way to make saambhar?

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3 Answers

04:05 PM | 29-11-2018

Steam whatever vegetables you want. Do dry tadka without oil, add soaked tamarind juice, turmeric and boil. Add some sambar powder, steamed vegetables and ground fresh coconut. Do not boil vigorously after this step. Add some salt and switch ff the gas. Let it sit for sometime for flavours to mix. Enjoy your healthy sambar.

11:39 AM | 25-11-2018

Cut all vegetables and onion in size you need.  Add one teaspoon of coldpreessed coconut oil, add mustard seeds,  curry leaves,  onion.  Let it simmer for 2-3 minutes.  Now add chopped tomatoes, and litter water. Add salt, red chilli, sambhar masala and turmeric powder.Let the tomatoes cook properly. Now add other vegetables and one glass of water. Put gas on low flame and cover all vegetables with lid and let them cook.  Once vegetables are ready,  add boiled to or dal and mix it nicely.  Add water as per consistency you need.  Enjoy your Sambhar.  

10:45 PM | 24-11-2018

Yes just boil the Dal and make dry tadka with same spices

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