04:18 PM | 26-11-2018

Is Gud tea acidic or alkaline?

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2 Answers

10:40 PM | 28-11-2018

Here if natural ingredients are used it’s good for the body ( ginger, lime etc ) and if diary is used it can make the body acidic. Gud or jaggery again is processed. Natural foods like raw foods are alkaline in nature

07:08 AM | 28-02-2021

Difficult to say because it depends on the type of tea & gur :-). If you are talking about the regular chai commonly used everywhere, its the most processed version of tea and is acidic. If you are looking for is jaggery acidic or alkaline then I must tell you that jaggery, made the traditional way, without using any chemical additives, is believed to be alkaline. But with the commercialised jaggery, who knows!!! But yes tea with jaggery could be better than tea with sugar, but i would still not be sure whether that will be acidic or alkaline......The practical approach i would take is as long as you are having tea in moderation & including a lot of fruits & veggies in your diet (which are largely alkaline), don't worry. Enjoy your tea :-)

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