10:57 AM | 14-12-2018

Hi! Is there anyone else who also has family members struggling with sleep issues? My daughter, who is just 14 years old finds it difficult to fall asleep and keeps getting up in the middle of the night. She remains irritable through the day and finds it difficult to stay focused. Am worried what could be the cause? Is there some way I can help her?

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4 Answers

11:11 AM | 15-12-2018

Sleep is for sure extremely important for our well-being. It affects our mental health as much as it has impact on our physical health. In today's’ technology laden environment we are constantly exposed to gadgets and radiations. These disturb our sleep pattern. So try to cut out gadgets for sure. Also, eat more of whole plant based foods and drink plenty of water. Try meditating or deep breathing for relaxation. Also, as mother do not forget that this a time when your child undergo many changes and is hence under lot of turmoil. Look for ways that you can be with her and spend more quality time. I will suggest if you can find some new ways of being with her. As I have experienced kids at this age, wants a different relationship with parents than their young age. Sometimes they just want us to be there for them.


01:33 PM | 18-12-2018

Thanks for all the information on ways to sleep well.I also have this issue of not sleeping well.When I get up in the night it becomes difficult to get back again to sleep.This happens at least 3 to 4 times in a week.Happening suddenly since last 3 months.Any suggestions.

03:44 PM | 18-12-2018

Hi Sunil. I hope you will find lots of useful suggestions in the posts here. I have shared my personal experience below & you should pick from there. Also a few practices before sleeping might help in better sleep - drinking nut milk, dis engaging from mobile gadgets & TV an hour or so before sleep, eating food early, max 8-8.30, sleeping by 10 pm, soaking feet in warm water or taking a calming bath with aroma oils & light music, dimming the lights before sleep time. Try to keep yourself calm for sleep. Personally if i wake up at night, i like to do deep breathing lying on my end, it calms me & puts me back to sleep :-)


06:26 PM | 14-12-2018

Hi.I am 36 years old now and I always had sleep issues throughout my life. But once I changed my lifestyle to 1) include lots of raw fruits & veggies and 2) stay happy & positive, it did wonders to my sleep. I was myself shocked to see how I started sleeping well all of a sudden. So here's what I learnt - Sleep is a very 'normal' function of the body. Nature has designed us to sleep every night. We struggle with sleep only when our actions are not aligned with nature and interfere with our body's functions. And that's the reason why I started sleeping like a baby once I ate a lot of natural foods and removed the un-natural state of stress.

You mentioned yourdaughter is irritable & finds it difficult to stay focused. How's her intake of processed foods? It might have a role to play. Read this health journey - i-tackled-my-daughter-s-attention-deficit-hyperactivity-issues-by-going-back-to-natural-foods. Dr Prashanthi Atluri is a cardiologist based out of US and might be able to share better.


06:14 PM | 14-12-2018

I have a teenager too and have gone throught this phase. Based on my experience, my suggestions are:

Talk to her when she is in a good mood and find out if some issue is deeply bothering her. Do not lecture but listen is as a friend and see if you can help her.

Regular bed time is a must atleast by 10:00 p.m. Late night TV viewing, laptop and phones interfere with sleep.

Keep junk food intake to minimum. I know it is difficult but atleast home made ones are better than store bought.

Keeping the feet in warm water for 15 minutes before bed time and listening to soothing soft music also helps a lot..

Be patient and try not to worry. Children are very resilient and their bodies can handle some digression once in a while. Your calmness and cheerfulness will rub off on her. Good luck!

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