06:31 PM | 28-08-2018

Pls help me with a remedy for bad throat, have been taking ginger honey. But seems to be a mild remedy.

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4 Answers

01:30 PM | 19-11-2018

Make sure to avoid tea, coffee, fizzy or bottles drinks during this period (or even later!) They do add a lot of damage to sore throat.  Instead focus on increasing fruits … a lot of it in your daily intake. This will avoid long term recurrence.

01:29 PM | 19-11-2018

Rest is also an important element of our overall health, we often ignore it without realizing that in lack of sleep and rest body cannot repair well and it only adds to creating more acidic overload on the body.  Thus make sure you rest amply. Sleep without gadgets, connect with nature each morning, breathe in fresh air, and do some throat yoga exercises regularly. This should help.

01:29 PM | 19-11-2018

Bad throat indicates that body has a build up of toxins and high acidity which it wants to eliminate.  For relief you could steam regularly. You could also gargle with warm water and honey.

For long term recovery, ensure you are adding in rest and raw to your lifestyle. Foods which are processed, refined clog ur systems and cells, and need a lot of cleaning up. Raw foods such as fruits, vegetables in form of salads, nuts, sprouts, whole beans and daal are natural foods which lower the digestive load and help create an alkaline balance.

01:28 PM | 19-11-2018

Boil a glass of water, put a pan patta for 10 mins and then drink that water. Don't boil the patta just soak it in the boiled water. Gargle with warm water,honey and haldi.Take steam at night.

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