09:10 AM | 26-12-2018

Hello people! One of my cousins is going through menopause. She's struggling and anxious. How can she support this phase naturally? Anyone here who can help?

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7 Answers

12:42 PM | 19-11-2018

Menopause is a natural process. Every woman goes through it in her late forties-early fifties. There is nothing to be anxious about. The moment your cousin can accept this truth, she will find it easier to cope. Deep breathing and meditation helps in relaxing. She may be getting hot flashes during this period, so taking some 10-15 minutes out for rose water eyepads helps. She can also wind down daily at night through aroma oils.

12:40 PM | 19-11-2018

Our bodies have an intricate system of hormones called the endocrine system.Our body already has an internal mechanism to ensure this system works in balance, and works in our favour.  During menopause, body in tandem with nature’s rhythm is hard at work to change the ‘internal processes’ and and align to a new hormonal processes. Afterall, the function for procreation is over, and body wants to adjust to these new changes.  The good part is all these alignments are inbuilt and do not need our intervention. All we have to do is we support this phase through inputs which are in sync with nature, our body will function the best. The inputs here are food, rest, sleep and activity.

Food wise, she must cut out all processed foods, sauces, refined sugar, wheat, maida, and refined oil (as much as she can – the more she can do that the easier this pahse).  She should focus on eating whole plant based foods ie fruits, veggies, nuts and sprouts. Tell her to have lots of raw foods, as they are live, and easiest to absorb. Ideally, if she can go raw everyday till lunch time, she will feel much better. Raw foods include fruits, veggies, fruit juices, veggie juices, vegetable salads, seeds & nuts. They will help in balancing the hormones & also provide the right enzymes for digesting any cooked food she eats.

Till she manages this situation, she should also go off dairy; considering today’s dairy is so laden with hormones and antibiotics, that it’s a no brainer that it has a significant impact on our hormones system. This should really help her.

She must also rest amply. Most of us are cutting down on our much needed sleep and always on an ON mode. Only in sleep can body focus on repair, restoration – so why interfere the body with ten zillion other things! Sleep restfully, in dark for almost 7-8 hours daily.

Here is a good article to read on hormones balancing and menopause.


05:33 PM | 17-06-2019

Please go through Wellcure's blog on Menopause

Nature's own guide to dealing with menopause.


10:26 AM | 17-09-2018

Menopause is not an illness. It’s a change in hormones, as a woman enters the end of her reproductive life. Is your sister getting night sweats or hot flashes, noticing gain in abdominal fat, experiencing low libido, etc? It’s ok. For so many years, 35 or more, the body was used to having mensuration every month. There was a certain rhythm in which it was operating. Now that rhythm is changing, there is bound to be some discomfort. Just sit back & relax. Ensure she is following healthy eating practices & doing light exercises so that there is no burden on the body.

11:29 AM | 04-09-2018

Your cousin should try to remain active. She should do light exercises such as walking, stretching, squats, yoga….but don’t exert too much.

11:28 AM | 04-09-2018

Certain foods trigger hormonal imbalance – white sugar, alcohol, caffeine. During menopause, there is already a lot happening in the body’s hormones. Its best to avoid these food items. And also all processed, packaged, refined foods. Focus on natural foods that don’t interfere with the body’s work. Just align yourself with nature.

11:28 AM | 04-09-2018

Spend 15 min or so in the early morning or early evening sun. The sun’s energy is pure & makes me feel very calm & energetic. Any health issue I have, whatever else I do or don’t do, I definitely soak the sun.

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