01:04 PM | 17-03-2021

I am 18 years old. I got prescribed spectacles of -1. 00 and -0. 75 for left and right eye respectively and I am using blue cut lens. 1) should I wear them during my studies or no? 2) how can I reduce power naturally?

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01:59 PM | 23-03-2021

Hello Varun,

Reasons for weak eye power 

  • Lack of proper nutrition. 
  • Excess use of electronic devices like tv ,computer,tablets, laptops,mobiles.
  • Wrong lifestyle. 

What should be done?

  • Have foods like carrots and other foods rich in beta carotene which promotes Eye health and corrects vision.
  • Have fresh green leafy vegetables .
  • Have fruits rich in vitamin A like papaya,blueberries, apricots,grapes.
  • Take rest properly as sleep allows our stressed overworked eyes to repair. 
  • Drink a lot of water to be hydrated. 

Physical activity 

  • Rub your palms to generate heat and then apply it to the eyes.
  • Apply cucumber slices to the eyes.
  • Fix the eyesight to a single object atleast 15-20feet away for sometime. 
  • Walk barefoot on grass in the morning. 
  • Take sunrays early in the morning. 
  • Also,do some exercise and yoga to improve blood circulation. 

 Thank you 

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