02:52 PM | 06-04-2021

Hi i have hypothyroidism, I take pill 125 mg and my thyroid is normal. I have infertility problem, my 2 Ivfs failed. I m very tried. Pls suggest.

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04:12 PM | 06-04-2021

Dear Tejal,

Thanks for sharing your concern with us. Sorry to know that your have been struggling to conceive. We totally understand how difficult it must be for you! At Wellcure, it is our endeavour to guide people on the path of Natural Healing to overcome their health struggles. You can opt from any of the follwoing options:

  1. Enrol yourself for Wellcure's elearning program - Boost Your Fertility Naturally. Anchal Kapur is the instructor of the program. She also struggled with fertility issues. However, adopting a natural lifestyle helped her overcome all her health issues and she conceived naturally. You can read Anchal's Health Journey to know more - My Triumph Over Ulcerative Colitis & Infertility
  2. Flourish Fertility - one-month coaching by Anchal Kapur

We wish you all the best on your journey for healthy conception!


Team Wellcure

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