11:28 AM | 12-04-2021

Kids talk while sleeping. Pls suggest how to deal with it?

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04:22 PM | 26-04-2021

Hello Zakir,

If your child is talking while sleeping then this means that the child is not in deep sleep. His mind is still working actively while sleeping when it should relax because the quality of sleep is very poor. The reasons for a bad sleep could be many.

Reasons for a bad sleep:

  • Stress 
  • Wrong eating habits.
  • Not doing any physical work.
  • Inappropriate sleeping pattern.
  • Inappropriate sleeping environment. 


Meditation is very important for mental health. It relaxes our mind and bursts all the stress. So, practice meditation regularly for atleast 15 to 20 mins.

Physical activity:

  • Physical activities are necessary for the well functioning of the body. It may be in the form of yoga or some exercise. 
  • She can do suryanamaskar, paschimottan asana, gomukha asana, trikona asana under proper guidance.

Get fresh air:

Getting fresh air is also important. Practice deep breathing exercises like anulom-vilom pranayam. Walk in a garden or in a place full of trees. 

Improve her sleeping environment:

  • Keep the sleeping environment free of noise.
  • Keep the room dark and cool.
  • Make sure that the bed is comfortable to sleep.
  • Reserve the bed for sleeping and don't use it for eating, working on laptop, etc.

Maintain a sleep-wake cycle or circadian rhythm:

  • Try to sleep and wake up at the same time as this will refresh your mind and will maintain the circadian rhythm. 
  • Avoid daytime naps and ask her to control if she feels sleepy before the sleeping time as this will disturb the quality of sleep. 


  • Correct diet is also important as sometimes the inappropriate digestion leads to health issues which also interferes with the sleep quality.
  • So, have only plant based natural foods in your diet. Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your meals. Eat salads, nuts, sprouts. 
  • Have coconut water and fresh fruit juices.
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water throughout the day. 

Thank you.

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