10:16 AM | 13-06-2019

According to Doctor's ,we should not use regular one oil for eating? So I want to know what is the timing period for change the oil. We regular use sarso oil for cooking the food. It is good or not? If we talk about last 20 years then 70% people was regular used one oil. What is your advice about it?

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07:36 PM | 14-06-2019

None of the oils available for cooking are designed for human consumption. None of them are created by Nature. They are originally available in a seed and body recognises and can digest a seed. Anything that is consumed for taste and not for health will always be detrimental to your gut in the long run. An unhealthy and toxicgut is a welcome sign for all the pathogens to infect the body with various diseases. Oil is one of the major reasons to clog various organs in the body. Kindly apply discretion and just don’t use something because your doctor says so. It’s quite possible that he does not know the right way to live too. Have you not heard of doctors falling prey to diseases ? They are humans too and they make mistakes and they need to be educated with natural living too. Google oilfree Indian cooking and you will find plenty of sources. We have plenty of recipes on wellcure too. Be blessed

11:39 AM | 15-06-2019

Refined oils are not good for health . We should avoid them as much as possible. Its better to cook your food without oil . Coconut oil for cooking is fairly better . Avoid reusing the oil that you have used earlier for frying . It become toxic for health . 
You can get oil naturally if you eat dry fruits like almonds, cashew nut , walnut , chia seeds.

02:54 PM | 13-06-2019



Basically according to nature we are not supposed to separate any oil from its seed at all. This way when we separate the oil from the seed we remove the finer and other nutrients that god have given us in the package called a complete seed or nut. The seed or nut when eaten whole by chewing gives out a milk like substance which is easily assimilated by our body. If the seed is soaked and activated before consumption it is better.


As for the oil any locally grown seeds  oil which has been extracted by cold press technique is better than any refined oil. Remember the seeds must be locally grown. Not imported. And using sarson ka tel for Sennett years if it was cold pressed will not be as bad as using any other refined oil of seeds ( even for a couple of years) which are not grown locally. 


Be happy be healthy always 


Swati Dhariwal

Nature cure practitioner 


09:55 AM | 17-06-2019

Eating food cooked in oil is harmful for health. All types of oils, especially refined oils are harmful and might contribute to increase in the low density cholesterol content which is harmful as it can cause blockages in the arteries. 
Avoid eating food cooked in oil. Eat fresh and raw vegetables, boiled or uncooked. They are much more beneficial and cause no harm.

09:55 AM | 17-06-2019

The consumability of the food is to be defined by the Voice of the Organism!

It means, if some natural substance, without any modification, is liked or naturally consumed by a specific organism, can be considered a food for that organism.

When the consumability is intentionally structured, it fails to satiate the organism's food-requirement.

With this understanding, oil can never be considered as natural food for mankind.
No oil is natural.
No oil can be recommended as good for health. These can be just categorised in terms of LESS or MORE harmful aspect.
We need to remember, oil is processed by mankind for consumption. It is not an evolved food in Nature.

If we have to choose out of the oils on its LESS-HARMFUL aspects, then mustard and coconut oil without any chemical additives and extracted in slow cold pressed way are less harmful.


Thank you...

11:41 AM | 15-06-2019

Hi. You may find this blog useful - Do you need to eat oil to get oil?

02:53 PM | 13-06-2019

My opinion - please get rid of all these confusions by simplifying your cooking.  Learn to cook oil free.  We can never be sure of what is in packaged products.  Use products as given by nature I.e use nuts to add taste and oil to food rather than extracted oil

01:05 PM | 26-06-2020

Hello Mannu,

Eating oily and deep fried foods are not good for health. Also, refined oils has a bad effect on our health. So, it is not adviced to use refined oils for cooking.
For cooking, use cold pressed oil.
If you are heavy weight or have any other health issues then cook oil free.

Thank you 

10:56 AM | 25-07-2019

Dear Mannu,

You may want to read an interesting article listed in our Body Wisdom section about oil, click here.

Also, Wellcure offers Buddy Services for guidance on eating and living as per nature's laws. You may consider taking up the same for a one-o-one interaction and guidance.

Team Wellcure

03:50 PM | 28-06-2020

I have some time constipation problem and some time cramps in stomach at left side please tell me the remedies


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