08:20 AM | 28-05-2019

Hi! My husband had fruits for dinner last night. This morning he had another cup of herbal tea….. He has been getting loose motions. Could it be because of fruits/tea? Should I give him ORS?

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5 Answers

11:51 AM | 28-05-2019

Put ice-packs on his abdomen every hour to prevent getting weakness. Ensure he takes off from work and takes complete rest.

04:38 PM | 29-05-2019

Actually when a person starts to eat healthy its normal to have loose motions for a few days as it is a natural way of our body to detoxify itself. Nothing to worry about.Just make sure he is well hydrated. 
If the motions stay the way it is for a longer time (more than 2 days) then make him eat rice, bananas, oats etc.

08:03 AM | 28-05-2019

Hi! If we try to appreciate the functioning of our body from nature’s point of view not only our perspective about health and disease changes, we will be in complete awe of how beautifully the body is designed to be in constant health! Diahorrea is commonly understood to be caused by germs. The complex process of digestion and elimination is performed with the help of numeral bacteria in the gut. These bacteria need to be in balance. As and when the balance goes haywire, the body flushes out the excess through loose motions. Instead of ORS, you could keep recharging the loss of minerals through lime and fruits. Give him lemon shots frequently – mix equal parts of lemon juice and water. Give him pomegranate juice and tender coconut water.

04:39 PM | 29-05-2019

Loose motions is the easier way by the body to remove toxins from the body. So firstly the fruits or herbal tea has got nothing to do with it.

What is more important now is to help the body in this process of toxin elimination. So do the following:-
1. Less solids and more fluids intake.
2. More water.
3. Alkalize the water by adding lemon juice. 
4. Eat fruits only for next three days, preferably grapes and citrus fruits.
5. Most important is complete rest, minimum 24 hours.
6. Mentally be happy that body is cleaning putting house in order.

08:03 AM | 28-05-2019

Hi! What we need to understand here is that illness is basically the body’s way to restore some imbalance inside. Though we interpret loose motions as a stomach infection, it is a way our body is trying to restore the acid-alkaline balance! We need to trust the innate intelligence of our body and provide the required support to it. As the body starts its cleansing process (through loose stools, in this case) it is also getting depleted of a lot of nutrients and hence the same need to be replenished. You must ensure that your husband is taking a lot of rest and nourishment through natural foods. After every motion, you could give fruit like apple/banana or a glass of fruit pulp. ORS, though is not a great option as it is artificial. While natural foods like fruits are easy to digest and hence do not overload the body with the work of digestion, something artificial (like ORS) means the body exerts effort and utilizes nutrients to digest the same. This in turn means loss of energy.

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