03:31 PM | 10-05-2021

I am boy, age 22 years. I am studying. I have hypothyroidism. I feel very tired, weak, memory loss, reduced concentration in studies, mood off. Is there a way of recovery from all my problems. How can I improve myself?

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12:53 PM | 11-05-2021

Hello karthek,

Hypothyroidism is a lifestyle disorder which is spreading in many people nowadays. Weakness, tiredness, loss of concentration, fatigue, these all results due to hypothyroidism as it results in a lot of hormonal imbalance. 

So,the cause for problems is hypothyroidism and the cause for hypothyroidism is a wrong lifestyle and habits.

Habits to follow 

  • Sleep early at night and also wake up early in the morning as it is important to maintain our biological clock or circadian rhythm. 
  • Don't sleep in the afternoon. 


  • Daily exercising is very important for your metabolism. 
  • Perform jogging, walking, yogasanas, early in the morning to boost your metabolism. 
  • Perform gomukh asana,suryanamaskar, bhujanga asana.


  • Meditate daily for 15-20min.
  • Perform bhramri pranayam regularly. 


  • have only plant based foods. 
  • Avoid tea and coffee. 
  • Cook oil free.
  • Avoid sugar, maida,wheat.
  • Avoid spicy and oily foods. 
  • Avoid packaged and processed foods. 

Thank you

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